last update: 01/07/13

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My Mustang II project was being constructed in half of a two-car garage using the Mustang Aeronautics kit. As of April '07 it has been moved to the hangar.

01/05/2013 Auto Pilot Roll installed

06/25/2011 Panel Lighting Connected

06/06/2011 Wings Painted

05/11/2011 Wheel Paints Installed

11/21/2010 Phase I Testing Completed

01/14/2010 First Flight

12/06/2009 Airworthy Certificate

11/22/09 Seal leak in right wing

11/17/09 Canopy seal

11/15/09 Secure flap hinge, mount wet compass

11/10/09 Disassemble for inspection

11/10/09 Secure cowling hinges

11/05/09 Attaching wing root fairings

10/31/09 Weight and Balance

10/19/09 Wing root fairings

10/11/09 Layup of wing connection trim pieces is done. Now ready to fill and prime.

10/05/09 Beginning layup of empennage fairing.

10/01/09 Beginning layup of wing connection trim pieces.

09/30/09 Layup of windshield trim is done. Now ready to fill and prime.

09/12/09 Working on oil inspection door and mounting the landing light lenses

09/11/09 Canopy skirts done

08/22/09 Laying out the canopy skirt, preparing to layup the windshield fairing

08/03/09 Finishing canopy frame

07/17/09 Landing light installed

07/08/09 Nav/Strobe/Pos lights installed.

07/03/09 Fired engine up for the first time. Sounds good.

06/12/09 Wings attached.

05/16/09 Temporarily put wings on to fit, hookup plumbing and electric.

05/13/09 Finishing the wiring and plumbing of the wing panels

04/20/09 Magnetometer wiring and mount.

04/15/09 Wing tips, inspection covers and wiring connectors

04/10/09 Aileron control tubes.

04/05/09 Attached air inlet ring in cowling.

03/30/09 Put break fluid in the lines.

03/25/09 Finished wiring and routing of pitot tubes in center section.

03/20/09 Attached tail springs and rudder fairing.

03/12/09 Shoulder harness mounting brackets in place. Baggage compartment bulkhead cover in place with ELT antenna and nut plates attached .

03/01/09 It is 76 degrees outside, why not start trimming the canopy.

02/25/09 Wiring right center section.

02/22/09 Wiring left center section.

02/15/09 Cowling half's trimmed, hinged and air inlets sized.

02/08/09 Spinner attached.

01/31/09 Fitting Cowling.

01/25/09 Filter and Housing assembled, fitting the inlet ring.

01/20/09 Mocking up the canopy frame with conduit.

01/10/09 Powered up the panel and checked out the instruments.  A couple of switched wires on the mic jacks but all in all it was a success.

01/08/09 Antennas in and connected.  Installing the Battery.

12/22/08 Panel wiring is almost complete.  Moving on to the pitot and statics air lines.

12/04/08 Advil time under the panel.  Tying up bundles of wires, mounting the buss bar and backup battery packs.

11/23/08 Engine wiring done.  Baffling Done.  Final fit and sealing of plenum.

10/22/08 Started wiring engine sensors.

10/14/08 Many, many hours of constructing and fitting the engine baffles and plenum.

09/25/08 All the baffling is cut, now the time consuming part of fitting them.

09/16/08 The plenum has arrived.  Time to cut aluminum.

08/23/08 Right CC leading edge skin and engine gas lines, sensors, breather tubes, controls are (being) attached.

08/09/08 Fabricated and installed fuel lines to a 4 way valve on the spar.

08/07/08 Fabricated engine controls sub-panel and fuel value bracket.

07/29/08 Installed radio trays and wiring harness.

07/21/08 Installed header tank and vent line.

07/11/08 CHT/EGT sensors, firewall placement for D180 wire bundle and seat back attachment bracket.

07/07/08 Ceramic coated exhaust system installed.

06/30/08 Empennage fiberglass tips installed.  Removed bell crank for upgrade / repair (sides too thin).

06/25/08 Rudder peddle assembly is complete and installed.

06/17/08 Windshield is trimmed and in place. Firewall accessories have been attached.  Panel painted and components beginning to be populated.  Thinking about the header tank and the routing of the fuel lines.  What to do next? so many options...

05/05/08 The exhaust system has been cut, fitted and tack welded.  Next, finish welding and coating.  Hangar will not be moving after all, geez.

04/15/08 Instrument Panel/Roll Bar are ready to prime/paint.  Hangar still not moved.

02/19/08 The cowling, spinner and windshield are clecoed in place.  Static ports installed.  I've just received word that the hangar will be moved for a day or two to make some landfill repairs. @#$%^.

01/13/08 Radio's are wired.

01/06/08 Finishing up on exhaust 4 into 1 mock-up.

12/26/07 Prop is on.  Use the engine host, it really makes a difference.

12/19/07 Making good progress on the instrument panel.  Mocking this up has provided several lessons learn that can be applied when it comes time to do it for real.  Will be mounting the prop soon.

12/12/07 I am working on the spinner back plate in order to mount the prop and fit the bottom cowling.  At home I can spend time on the mock-up instrument panel.

11/15/07 There have been several challenges in mounting  the superior IO-360 with horizontal induction, holy-cowl and aircraft spruce experimental dynafocal sandwich mounts.  Bolt size and exhaust routing but to name a few.  Stay tuned for some pictures.